A bit about our leather-smithery...
We make things in celebration of hand-made and face-to-face creativity.
Stepping back from the computer and into the workshop, Carpenter's Daughter embraces the beauty in craftsmanship and tradition.

Downright practical yet subtly stylish, our designs are proudly made to order for anyone who enjoys the charm of getting their hands dirty in honest pursuit of their passions, whether they're individual hobbyists or part of a larger scale enterprise.

The Carpenter's Daughter studio is happily ensconced in the Pop & Scott workshop cooperative in Northcote, Melbourne.

And some more about our Creative Features... 

Because we appreciate unique and individual craft, and our world is enhanced by the talents of makers whom we admire,
we are always curious to know what it is that drives people’s creativity.

So often what we do is a product of experience, memory, our senses and response to environments.
Sometimes the link is obvious, other times less so.

As a kid Carpenter’s Daughter hung around her dad’s workshop after school. Blues music played, sung along to loudly by two apprenticing boys. Wood curls settled on the floor and sawdust covered every surface. It smelled of beeswax, oak, walnut, elm, and French polish. Her mum came by from time to time to distress the timber. Just to make one table seemed to take forever, and the joy of the process and time spent with all involved lingers in memory.

We love aesthetics that traverse fields of interest, are informed by travel and wanderlust, and evoke a sense of the skills that go into
creating environments and moments full of personality and beauty.

We want to share with you our skills, as well as those of our friends and others world-wide who inspire us.

Photography by Marcel Aucar and Annette O'Brien

For behind the scenes at Carpenter's Daughter visit @carpenter_daughter