Interview - Deiji Studios

Owning an independent business gifts flexibility, unrestricted vision, and the added joy of knowing you are connecting and communicating on a personal and appreciative level with the people who supply your materials, and also those who purchase your collection.
Deiji Studios is an Aussie owned linen range by Juliette Harkness. Emerging from the creative hub that is Byron Bay only one year ago, the brand has reached and gained a huge following inclusive of mothers, lovers and people enamoured with all things linen, as the mother of two who surely knows a thing or two about getting good sleep.… and her newly launched loungewear collection will make you wish robes and slippers were an acceptable form of every day public attire. 

5 mins with Deiji Studios…

What brought Deiji Studios about? Why linen?
I have always wanted to do something creative, my mother is French and I have always seen the most beautiful [linen] pieces passed down from her great aunts that have lasted years and years… I guess I fell in love with the fabric.

Have you been surprised by the response you’ve received at all?
I think what I have been surprised by is how nice people are and supportive of small businesses, I have met some incredible people since launching Deiji Studios. 

Your linens are created with sustainability and minimal environmental impact in mind – How do you go about sourcing your materials?
We work closely with our suppliers, and have made such good connections with our manufacturers. Knowing we are working with a family run business gives us greater peace of mind, and linen by nature requires less water and chemicals than cotton and other natural fibres to cultivate.

Who or what is your muse / where do you go for inspiration?
Our loungewear has been inspired by Japanese culture, and in general I think my friends inspire me the most!

What is your favourite wake-up or bedtime ritual?
Waking up for plunger coffee..

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do, see, own or experience?  
To have my own business was a big one for me, and I have always wanted to design my own home.

What attributes do you believe make a dreamy human being?
A smile, and a good laugh - my partner Brendan has both of those things.

Words by Rosie Fea



May 30, 2017
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