Carpenter's Daughter creates hand-made canvas, hemp and leather aprons for an ever-growing community. 

Stemming from a belief that play and tactile creation is essential for personal growth, founder Camille wanted to provide a product, and some
inspiration, to foster confidence and protection for people who naturally, deeply invest in doing what they genuinely love.

Designs are curated by a personal fascination and engagement with a variety of industries and impulses – pottery, gardening, painting,
cooking, sculpting, photography; the list goes on. But the aprons really are for anyone, whether or not they consciously engage with their talent.
It’s a well-worn but sincere supposition: everyone is creative in their own way.

Every apron is hand-made to order in our workshop in Northcote,
Melbourne, using organic materials carefully sourced to support the Carpenter’s Daughter ethos.

Photography by Marcel Aucar for Gourmet Traveller and Annette O'Brien for The Design Files

For behind the scenes at Carpenter's Daughter visit @carpenter_daughter