Carpenter's Daughter creates hand-made canvas and linen aprons for an ever-growing community. 

Stemming from a belief that play and tactile creation is essential for personal growth, Carpenter's Daughter wanted to provide a product, and some
inspiration, to foster confidence and protection for people who naturally, deeply invest in doing what they genuinely love.

Designs are curated for a variety of industries and impulses – pottery, gardening, painting,
cooking, sculpting, photography; the list goes on. But the aprons really are for anyone, whether or not they consciously engage with their talent.
It’s a well-worn but sincere supposition: everyone is creative in their own way.

Every apron is hand-made to order in our workshop located in Northcote, Australia.

We use organic materials carefully sourced to support the Carpenter’s Daughter ethos.


For behind the scenes at Carpenter's Daughter visit @carpenter_daughter